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Companies continue to lose talent during parental transitions. Over 40% of highly qualified mothers leave their careers or off-ramp for a period of time. Yet, only 2% leave to raise their families full-time.

 Becoming a parent shouldn’t be a barrier to success. Yet, for many mothers it is. At about the time women start their families, the gender gaps in pay and promotion widens. 

Successfully managing individuals during transitions, all the while engaging and retaining them for the long term is one of the greatest challenges organizations face. It requires a collective effort among new parent employees, people managers and HR leaders. 

Our training programs prepare new parent employees – both mothers and fathers – develop the skills and strategies they need to navigate career changes. We also equip leaders to support new parents through transitions, so teams are positioned to reach their full potential. 

Benefits for companies and employees

Training + Workshops

Our training programs support employees at two career milestones: as they plan parental leave and as they prepare for their return as working mothers. For leaders, training sessions focus on leading teams through the transitions of new parenthood. 

Developed using strategic communications and change management methodologies, our programs can be customized to align with company values and policies, while driving toward the organization’s objectives.

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Maternity leave plan: Future-proof your career as a working mom

This program helps expecting employees plan their maternity leave, so women and their teams remain productive and successful throughout the parental transition process. At the same time, they’ll set the foundation for their return to work.  

Workshop outcomes include: 

maternity leave workshop

Jump start your return

This workshop is for employees preparing to return to work after family leave. An opportunity to engage employees during leave, the session prepares new parents for their first days back at work. It builds the skills and strategies needed for long-term success for working parents. 

Participants of this workshop will: 

Leading through parent transitions

This program will provide people managers the insights and tools they need to more successfully support and engage employees during the stages of early parenthood – pregnancy, parental leave and as they return to their roles after  having a baby. 

Workshop outcomes includes:

About Lisa Durante

We are a boutique consultancy that partners with progressive companies to create high-performing, supportive teams where new parents can thrive. Our programs and services aim to retain and empower female talent so they can thrive at every stage of early parenthood. We prepare leaders to support their people through transitions. As a result, companies build gender-balanced, high-caliber pipelines to leadership. 

Our network of consultants are led by Lisa Durante, a strategic communications and change management expert  with 15 years of experience working with global Fortune 500 companies. Working with organizations in the US, Canada and internationally, Lisa has been a guide to companies and executives as they transform their businesses and influence stakeholders to action. Redirecting this expertise, Lisa now guides companies and professionals to rethink how they manage the career changes that come with new parenthood.


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