We develop customized training programs for employees – both mothers and fathers as well as leaders – be they people managers, in HR or leading organizations.

Designed with practicality in mind, our Working Parent Series focuses on developing the skills and strategies new parents need to manage and direct their careers during pregnancy, as they leave and return from family leave, and as they settle into their new lives as working parents.

Our Leader Series equips people leaders with the insights and tools to more effectively support and engage employees during the stages of early parenthood. And, as a result, build inclusive, supportive teams where everyone is able to thrive.


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Planning your mat leave: Future-proof your career as a working mom

This program helps expectant employees plan their maternity leave, so women and their teams remain productive and successful over the remaining months of pregnancy. At the same time, setting the foundation for their return.

By taking this workshop, employees learn the strategies and tactics that will help:

  • Determine the perfect amount of time to take for your maternity leave
  • Create a customized transition plan
  • How to best communicate your plans to your boss and others
  • Strengthen negotiating and influencing skills
  • Leave work with confidence

Jump start your return from maternity leave

This workshop is for employees preparing to return to work after family leave. An opportunity to engage employees during leave, the session prepares new parents for their first days on the job. It also builds the skills and strategies needed for long-term success as working parents.

Participants of this workshop will:

  • Create a smoother transition for baby
  • Balance home and work from the start
  • Improve communications with managers
  • Fast-track return to performance
  • Return to work with confidence

Leading the way through parent transitions

This program will provide people managers the insights and tools they need to more effectively support and engage employees during the stages of early parenthood – pregnancy, maternity leave and as they return to their roles after having a baby.

By attending this workshop, managers will learn to:

  • Create a supportive, transparent team environment
  • Redirect unconscious bias that penalizes working parents
  • Engage new parents to maintain productivity and ambition during transitions