The idea that wouldn’t quit

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“One day, I had an idea.”

That’s the first line in this beautifully illustrated children’s book – What do you do with an idea? by Kobi Yamada. It’s also the first line in my story.

Three years ago, I was struck by an idea. It really was just a semblance of an idea then, an urge to work with women as they transitioned to mamahood. As I do with most things, I dove head first into the idea, researching and reading, talking and thinking.

I wore my idea on my sleeve, telling anyone what I was planning on doing. I was so serious about it, I quit my steady, corporate job so I could build on my idea.

Then, somewhere along the way as I was busy with mommying and building my communications business (check it out, if you’re curious), I decided that the idea wasn’t all that good. I chalked it up to post-second baby, post-cross border move trauma.

I tried to convince myself that I just needed to get back to the real world and focus on building my new comms agency. After all, I had endured years of education and a teenager’s lifetime to build my credentials in the field, how could I just abandon it all for a flighty idea. Plus, I had kids, a mortgage and a mild shoe addiction.

Yet no matter how many times I told the idea to leave me alone, it followed me, nagging at me to pay attention and do something with it.

Then, just as it says in Yamada’s book, one day the idea changed. It grew bigger and took up more space in my head and in my heart.

It was impossible to ignore. And, I was so tired of carrying its weight on my shoulders. So, I did the only thing the mama in me knew to do – I put the spotlight on the idea, and almost like a child, I nurtured it. I did this in the hopes that one day, as the story says, the idea can change the world.

Today, I’m excited to share my idea with you!

Welcome to – a space dedicated to helping working women make the leap into life as working mamas.

It’s not always easy to balance the demands of our careers and all we want for our professional selves with all that is required to be a fully engaged and loving mamas. It’s hard work and I know I’ve stumbled way more times than I can claim success.

So, in the hopes to save others from such graceless circus acts, I have started this blog, accompanied by a new YouTube series – The Crazy Good Life – and the hopes to create programs that will help career gals make the transition to career mama with less stress and more confidence.

If this is you, then, please share your email with me and I’ll be sure to send you our first episode.




P.s. If you know an expecting or new mama, please send this her way.

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