Using the power of stories infused with the latest trends, our talks focus on arming working mothers with the insights and practical skills they need to thrive at work and at home. They also help companies overcome the unconscious and maternal bias that holds their people and their businesses from reaching their full potential.

Led by Lisa Durante, a trained journalist and informed working mother advocate, our talks address specific topics or challenges that affecting many working parents. Choose from our list of popular talks or work with to develop a customized session for your audience.


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For employees and networking groups

  • Courageous conversations: We all face the prospect of difficult conversations. This talk provides expecting and new parents with the communication strategies that will empower you to have effective conversations so you can leave feeling good of the outcome.
  • Negotiating your all: Yes, women can have it all. But, by no means, can we do it all. This talk walks attendees through an exercise that will help them identify priorities and refocus their efforts on the activities that matter most.
  • Professional Re-brand: Becoming a mother is as much a career change as it is a life change. For many, it creates a shift in who we are, what we want and where we want to go. This talk offers the insights you need to refocus your priorities, reset your goals and redefine your brand as a working mother.

For company managers and leaders

  • Managing a Returning Mom: Managers play a critical role in retaining top talent. This is especially true as employees return to work after parental leave. This talk shares insights that will help you support and engage your returning employees, so they can get back to their careers and contributing to your team.
  • Raise Women: There are plenty of ways to support and progress women in your company that don’t have to be covered by a formal mentoring or sponsoring program. This talk shares key ways leaders at every level of the organization can support women and help grow their careers.