resources for working moms

Freebie: Redefine success and reset your goals

Yesterdays goals may no longer fit into your life now that you’re a mama. It may be time to reset priorities, establish new goals and redefine what success means to you.

This worksheet guides you through the process to create realistic goals that will work for your life today.

how to announce your pregnancy news at work

Freebie: Announcing your pregnancy at work

This worksheet is your ultimate guide that will help you pull off a professional baby announcement at work that will keep you on the road to success throughout your pregnancy and well beyond.

free post birth plan

Freebie: Post-birth plan worksheet

This worksheet is here to help you create a post-birth plan that will help you think through the very things you will need to be sure you are well taken care of once baby is here, so you can adjust to your new life as a mama.

budgeting worksheet

Freebie: Budget worksheet

This worksheet will help you create a monthly and yearly budget to help you financially prepare for all the things life will bring your way. Be it a new home, a new baby or if you’re thinking of extending your maternity leave be sure to get a better picture of your finances so you can make adjustments accordingly.