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A passionate advocate for working mothers, Lisa’s mission is to help women thrive at work and at life. Because when women succeed, so do companies. She’s a trained journalist and a communications change expert with 15 years of experience working with international companies and executives.

She is the creator of training programs dedicated to preparing expecting and new mothers with the strategies and skills they need to manage their careers during the transitions of early parenthood. She is a consultant to companies, helping them develop strategies that will attract, retain and grow strong, gender-balanced pipelines to leadership. Lisa’s insights and commentary have been featured in leading publications, including The Huffington and Motherly.  

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What companies can do to keep moms

Episode 178 of The New Family Podcast talks about how moms can negotiate better deals for themselves in the workplace. While we know that we are living in a time with more opportunity for women than ever before we can’t pretend that the playing field has entirely levelled.

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The one thing companies must do to support working mothers

Almost half of working mothers voluntarily leave the workforce at some point in their career. For too long, it’s been believed that women are leaving because they want to focus on their families. That’s simply not the case. Companies need to do a better job of supporting their working mothers.

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Motherhood to blame for the gender pay gap. Here’s how to solve it.

Women in every economy around the world earn less than their male counterparts. According to one study, childbearing accounts for 80% of the gender wage gap. In this article, Lisa analyzes the gender pay gap and the widening effect of motherhood. To solve it she points to the role of fathers as caregivers. 

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It’s time to lift the stigma on working dads

Dads have doubled the time they spend doing household chores and nearly tripled time spent with children. Yet, the stigma surrounding fully engaged fathers remains. In this Huffington Post article, Lisa looks at how dads can come out of the shadows and take more active roles at home.

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5 Ways HR in Canada Is Different 

HR professionals on both sides of the border deal with similar issues, but a closer look reveals five key differences between the U.S. and Canada. In this Society for Human Resource Management article, Lisa discusses the differences in parental benefits, beginning with this: “In the United States, employees depend on their employers to provide substantial paid time off. In Canada, employees look to the government for assistance.”

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