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Live workshop: Maternity Leave Planning

Future Proof Your Career As A Working Mom

This workshop is for expecting mothers who are excited about their upcoming maternity leave and want to be sure they can jump back onto the road to success when they’re ready to return to work.

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Wednesday, May 16th @ 1:00 PM ET & 8:30 pm ET

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Presented by Lisa Durante, Communications Expert.

Hi, I’m Lisa Durante. My commitment to my job, let alone my career, was never called into question until the day I announced my pregnancy. On that day, my manager – who had been my mentor and champion – asked: “Will you come back to work?”

Women face the systemic challenges of unconscious bias the moment they announce their pregnancy. 

The experience of being judged on what others assume I should want or be now that I was a mother, let alone the struggle I faced in reclaiming my career after having a baby was not easy. Yet, it’s been harder to watch women coming up behind me struggle with the very same challenges.

That’s why I’m here.

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