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tough decisions

It’s no secret, I’m a planner. A bone fide control freak. Don’t believe me, look at the cheeky passion in my eyes here.

Before starting college, I remember sitting down and planning out my future. It was a long, detailed list that had big goals with intermediary steps all attached to specific dates.

Although I tried, I didn’t meet many of the goals on that list and the ones I did weren’t done in the timeline I had first set for myself.

See… life is messy, things happen that are beyond our wildest dreams, and sometimes, they come closer to our nightmares. It forces you to shift gears, take turns down roads you had no intention to go down and accept circumstances as they are.

My life continues to veer me unexpectedly off course. For the most part, I’m grateful for the path it has taken. It’s what brought me to New York, introduced me to Isabella, transplanted us back in Toronto, welcomed Elia into our family, had me start my own business and allowed so many other blessed people and experiences to come into my life.

But, let me tell you, I tried to fight each unexpected turn. And, with each one, I’m pretty sure I called out (or at least thought) in frustration: “Now is not the right time for this!”

Is it ever the right time to move cities or to have a baby or to have a second baby or to find a new job? It wasn’t always for me. And when a number of those things collide at the same time, it makes for tough times.

This is why I wanted to answer this very question on today’s episode of The Crazy Good Life. In it I share with you one of the most stressful times in my life that had me moving cities, finding and starting a new job, settling our family into a new home and having a baby all at the very same time.

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you been in a similar situation where you’ve had to make the choice between having a baby or moving your career forward? Or perhaps there was another life event that was forcing you to make a choice? What helped you get through the tough decision?

Let us know in the comments below.

As I share in the video, if have a question you’d like me to answer, add it to the comments below, send me an email or get to me on social (pick your fave: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Until next time, sweet mamas!





P.S. If you know a mama struggling with a big life decision – it could be about having babies or some other life event – do them a solid and share this video with them.


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