How to have it all as a working mom

how to have it all

I recently attended a women’s networking group. It was a small group of mostly fresh grads as well as a few more seasoned professionals. As we saddled around our seats for our first meeting, the moderator announced our first topic of discussion: Can women have it all?

Excited, several women jumped right in, contemplating the circumstances women need to do, be and have it all. Then several began to consider if they could have it all or if any of it was worth it. Listening to it all made my heart sink. Women downplayed their abilities and considered giving up before they had even started.

But what does “have it all” really mean?

I asked the group in the hopes to stimulate the conversation again. Most agreed to the same answer: having a career and a family. As the group was nodding in agreement, another among us snorted – loudly. She sat up, leaned into the table and asked:

“Is that all you want in life – a job and some kids?”

The question riled up the group and led to a rather dynamic conversation about partners, friends, hobbies and so much more. At the end, the snorter summarized by saying, “Sounds like you all want something different, so why are we wasting our time contemplating what’s possible for all women?”

Good point, no?

It’s time to stop the can-women-have-it-all conversation and start having the one that encourages us to really consider what having it all means to you where you are today. Because what you want, may not be what I want; what satisfies you today may not fulfill you tomorrow, and what makes other people happy could leave you feeling miserable.

Can women have it all? It’s a personal question, so I leave it to you to answer. But, there are several key ingredients we all need in our lives to propel us to achieve all it is we want to be, do and have in our lives.

Today, I share three of them with you on today’s episode of The Crazy Good Life.

Of course, these are only three ideas, so what are the things you do to help you get all the things you need and want to get done in a day? Personally, I’d love to learn from you. I’m pretty sure the mamas in our growing community would love to hear them, too. So, share them in the comments below.









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  • SandraJuly 30, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    usually the first things to compromise! THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER!
    Love this video!

    • lisaduranteAugust 4, 2016 at 4:05 pm

      Awesome to hear, Sandra! You make a really good point… we do compromise on these things and it seems we do it because we believe it’s the right thing to do. We really need to flip the script and start believing that caring for ourselves is the only way we can keep taking care of the ones we love.

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