Best podcasts for working moms

Podcasts are more popular than ever. They’re interesting and intriguing. Funny and entertaining. 

For working moms, they’re a great way to inject knowledge and fresh perspectives while multi-tasking. Listen while making school lunches, commuting to or from work, folding the laundry,  relaxing in the bath or really anywhere in between. Plus, they offer new insights and perspectives that can change the way we parent and how we approach common issues we face as working mothers.

You’re looking for something new to listen to or someone new to learn from, here’s our second edition of top podcasts for working moms. Looking for more inspiration, take a look back at our previous list here.)

The Startup Pregnant Podcast

Led by Sarah K. Peck, the Startup Pregnant Podcast has been on heavy rotation for quite some time. With a focus on female founders and entrepreneurs, each episodes examines the parallels between growing a business and raising babies. It also offers incredible insights on leadership, business and life hacks to make working mom life work.  

The Longest Shortest Time

A comment on my previous top podcast list put me onto The Longest Shortest Time podcast. I initially listened to their special series called It’s A Real Mother that looks into the reality of working mother discrimination. The short series brings in person experiences as well as experts on how to move forward. 

Since then, I’ve also listened to their regular programming that offers stories about raising kids and what you learn about yourself as you do. The stories are compelling and sometimes controversial, getting you to think differently about your own parenting style.

The New Family

The New Family podcast is a weekly series that brings stories about the changing face and dynamics of family. Led by parenting editor and writer, Brandie Weikle, the series covers first-hand accounts of dealing with divorce, co-parenting, adoption, surrogacy and how to raise kids in a way that honors you, your kids and your family. Brandi also brings parenting experts – including Lisa (listen here!) to the show to share their advice on surviving working motherhood and raising kids.

Common Sense Pregnancy

Common Sense Pregnancy is a great podcast for expecting and new moms. A follow-up to the book written by Jeanne Faulk, a registered labor nurse and mother of four, the show brings information and insights about pregnancy, labor, birth, and new parenthood. She talks about epidurals, prenatal care, pumping at work. She brings experts to her show and also offers advice to dads.


As much as I like practical advice as a mother and a parent, I also need doses of patriarchy-fighting inspiration to keep me going. That’s where Unladylike comes in. Previously, the hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told you, Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin are talking about and to the women breaking the rules. It’s fun, interesting and informative.

Happy listening! And, if you have a favorite podcast that we should be listening to, let us know in the comments below.

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