Six Apps To Hack Your Working Mom Life

Life as a working parent is no joke. Between work and home, your to-do lists seem to run on for days, and time is a limited resource.

In the years since we stepped into our working mom role, we’ve learned a few tricks to ease the mental load, make room for things we enjoy, and manage all that important adult stuff we need to pay attention to as a parent.

So, if you’re looking for a few ways to make your life simpler without quitting your job or your book club, or resigning yourself to never knowing the top stories of the day, look no further. We’re sharing our top six apps to hack your working mom life.


If you were an avid reader pre-motherhood, then you’ll especially love Audible. An easy way to enjoy book after book hands-free, Audible enables you to keep up with the latest—whether it’s professional reading for your field or that bestseller for your book club. Listen while commuting, over your lunch hour, as you feed baby (baby benefits, too), or anytime you can squeeze in a few minutes to keep listening. For more hands-free listening ideas,check out our list of best podcasts for moms, too.

The Skimm

Stay in the know by letting the Skimm into your mailbox each morning. You’ll ensure you never miss out on the latest news that everyone’s talking about at the office with daily reads that highlight the most important news playfully. Not to be missed are the Skimm Guides, a series of detailed overviews of the stories that are making people stand up and take notice—think heavy hitting topics like Equal Pay Day and the Kavanaugh Confirmation Process. For my fellow Canadians, The Bullet brings you a quick shot of daily news on the topics that matter to you.


With everything on your plate, taking an extended break from work or home life isn’t possible on a daily basis. Destress with a microbreak using the Calm app. Choose a meditation or breathing exercises for a self-care injection whenever you need it. And if you’re suffering from insomnia due to a running to-do list in your head, be sure to try out Calm’s sleep stories to get much-needed rest.

Cozi Family Organizer

From my perspective, sharing the mental load begins with syncing calendars with your partner and each taking responsibility for specific household and childcare tasks. Doing this helps alleviate stress, reduces the blame game of who was supposed to do what, and enables you to schedule things that are important to you, without infringing on family time or your partner’s work meeting. The Cozi Family Organizer helps you to simplify family life with shared calendars, grocery lists, favorite recipes and printable to-do lists.


For many women, income takes a hit while on maternity leave and upon return to work. There’s also the expense of raising children to consider. Mint is a money manager and financial tracker where you can see the big picture of your financial health, set a budget to follow, and track bills with reminders. Understanding your budget will help you become a savvy spender and stress less, knowing where you need to cut back to meet your financial goals and where you have some room to treat yo’self and your partner.


Whether you have a flex work situation with a baby in the picture or are working from home with a sick child, Uberconference enables you to take work calls and screenshare anywhere. With no option for video, you’ll be able to nurse your baby or care for your child without anyone seeing what’s going on behind the scenes. Favorite features for when multitasking is a must include getting phone notifications to remind me someone is waiting in my conference room, a recap of the call sent to my email, and customized waiting room music.

So, there you have it. Six apps that’ll help simplify your working mom life. And if you have a favorite app that we should be using, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.




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