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We are a boutique consultancy that partners with progressive companies to retain and empower female talent so they can thrive at every stage of early parenthood and build gender-balanced, high-performing talent pipelines to leadership.

This wasn’t where we started.

For more than 15 years as a communications change expert, Lisa Durante has led companies and their executives in developing the messages, strategies and campaigns that reshape their narratives, influence stakeholders and move companies forward.

Redirecting this expertise, she now guides companies in rethinking their strategies to engage and retain their female talent during early parenthood.

Women face the systemic challenges of unconscious bias the moment they announce their pregnancy. The penalties worsen as they settle into their new roles as working mothers.

Frustrated, women voluntarily leave the workforce. Those who stay struggle to get ahead. Many of these women, industrious and talented as they are, find alternative opportunities to feed their ambitions.

This is very much our story. It’s why we’re here.

As more women leave the traditional workforce, organizations fall behind. Countless studies have shown the tangible value to innovation and bottom line results that women offer organizations.

Yet, companies still struggle to close the gender gap in leadership. An outcome of talent pipelines that are neither gender-balanced nor representative of the company’s true talent strengths.

We can help.

We lead customized training programs as well as offer coaching and consulting services for both employees and leaders. Women are equipped with the skills to prepare and manage the career shifts that come with parenthood. And managers and leaders have the knowledge, skills and programs to better support their employees.

So, together, your teams can reach their full potential at work and in life – today and tomorrow.

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