The motherhood penalty is real.

The moment women become pregnant they are perceived to be less productive, more distracted, less stable and less achievement-oriented than their male counterparts. The penalties become more significant after a mother returns from maternity leave.

An effect of unconscious or maternal bias, mothers are being held back in their careers. It also holds back companies and economies.

Overcoming unconscious bias is not an easy feat. It will take the collective effort of companies and governments. It also requires each of us to influence change in our own worlds.

That’s why we are committed to arming you with the skills and strategies you’ll need to manage your career at every stage of early parenthood – starting in pregnancy, through maternity leave and return, and beyond.



In person or virtually, our group workshops help you plan and prepare for the transitions that come with working motherhood and set you up for long-term success.

Current courses help you plan for maternity leave and prepare for your return to work.

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Resources + Tools

The Resource library is stocked with valuable and totally free worksheets you can use to think through, plan and prepare key milestones as you make your way through the transitions of parenthood.

Current resources guide you in planning your pregnancy announcement at work, helping you budget for your new home, and more.

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The weekly blog offers insights and tips that will empower you to create a career and life that works for you. From career advice to self-care to co-parenting, we’ve got you covered wherever you are in your parenting journey.

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The Crazy Good Life

Our YouTube series, The Crazy Good Life helps you create a life that works.

With fresh insights, trusted guidance and actionable steps, the series addresses common questions you may be asking during pregnancy, maternity leave and as a working mother.

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