Using the power of stories infused with the latest trends, I address the common challenges of working mothers with a fresh perspective. The focus is on arming audiences with the insights and practical skills they need to thrive at work and at home. They also help companies overcome the unconscious bias that holds their people and their businesses from reaching their full potential.

A trained journalist and informed working mother advocate, I can customize talks to address a specific topic or challenge. Some popular topics, include:

  • The Pregnancy Shift: The motherhood penalty begins at pregnancy, and this talk helps expecting moms strengthen their communication skills and adopt strategies that will interrupt unconscious bias and set themselves up for future success as a working mother.
  • Stay professionally fit on mat leave: Maternity leave is not a vacation, nor is it a time to work. But that doesn’t mean you need to completely check out of your career while you’re taking care of baby. This talk shares the strategies new moms can use to stay professionally fit during mat leave so they can return to work with less stress and more success.
  • Managing a Returning Mom: Managers play a critical role in retaining top talent. This is especially true as employees return to work after parental leave. This talk shares insights that will help you support and engage your returning employees, so they can get back to their careers and contributing to your team.
  • Partnership at Home: Women continue to carry the mental and physical load of household chores. And, it’s holding women back. This talk offers new strategies to negotiate a more balanced partnership at home, so there’s more room to succeed at work.
  • Re-brand: Becoming a mother is as much a career change as it is a life change. For many, it creates a shift in who we are, what we want and where we want to go. This talk offers the insights you need to refocus your priorities, reset your goals and redefine your brand as a working mother.

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