Are you a bad parent if you and your family live in a condo?

That was the hook to an article that I just had to read recently. The writer wondered if babies and children need a backyard – with a picket fence no less – to develop and grow. While he didn’t give an answer, he did weigh the pros and cons and shared opinions on both sides, as good journalism should always do.

I know there are plenty of opinions on what is best for baby. Yet, I was still surprised reading through the comments in the article at how strongly many hold dear to the idea that a home, best placed outside of urban centers, is best for baby.

I, myself, had two babies while living in apartments – each unit smaller than the last.

Remembering back, there were several well-intentioned friends and family members who expressed concern for our girls because of where we lived. It was too urban, too close to the train stations, too restrictive, too cramped.

They were fine as were we.

As are the many families who live in condos or apartment buildings all over the world. More and more people are choosing to living in cities. For working families, the choice brings many conveniences. It also swaps time commuting with quality time with the family.

Yet, the only way to bring more people into a city is by building condos, apartments and the like. Plus, in expensive housing markets, condos are an affordable alternative. But, let’s be honest here, In most major cities around the world from New York to Hong Kong and so many in between building living is just about the only option available to you.

But, just because other people are living in urban buildings doesn’t mean that’s right for you.

If you have the choice, then you should take the time to find the right home for you and your family. And to help you think through your options I have a new episode of The Crazy Good Life for you. Take a watch and learn the three things to keep in mind when finding the right place for you and your growing family.



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