We are a woman-owned and run, socially conscious company.

We believe in the power of AND. That women can have successful, fulfilling careers AND be loving, fully engaged mothers. There doesn’t have to be a choice. But, truth be told, many times the odds are stacked against us.

Our mission is to help you create a fulfilling life that works for you and your family, so you can do all the amazing things that you love and will make you happy. We believe you deserve it. We believe your family does, too.

To fulfill our mission, we live and work by the following principles:

1. Nothing is impossible.

As the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn explains, the word, impossible, says ‘I’m Possible’. We totally and fundamentally believe that if we want something – like, really, really want something – all we need is hustle, heart and a helping hand.

2. Kindness matters. 

There is no currency more valuable than kindness. Just the tiniest investment in kindness can return insurmountable goodness to you and those around you. We have built kindness in everything we do from exchanging smiles with strangers to taking extra time to help our clients and readers.

3. Be the change.

Each and every one of us has it in us to make a real, positive change in our world – be it in our very personal circle or across our global community. Policy and society aren’t always supportive of working mothers, but with each of us engaging in conversations at home and at work followed by the action of making small, incremental changes, we can transform our own lives and, perhaps, other working mamas, too.

4. If you get, give.

We believe in the power of reciprocity. We have been blessed with incredible lives – amazing family and friends, great work experiences (even the bad ones), yummy food and wine, chocolate and cheese, dancing, and so many other good things. We are grateful for all we have and have experienced, and we believe it is our responsibility – nay, our obligation – to share what we know and what we have with others.