Hello and welcome!

I’m Lisa Durante. I’m here to help you bring together your worlds as a career-conscious working woman and a (soon-to-be) loving mama in a way that works for you. I offer real life insights and practical solutions that you can use to prepare for baby’s arrival as well as your life as a working mama.

In a nutshell, I’m here to help you have it all.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s clarify what I mean by “having it all.” For some, it means striving for the top spot on the corporate ladder while making it to ballet recitals and baseball games. For others, it’s about sitting down to a family dinner every night while managing priorities at work. For me, it means running my own business so I can do what I love and have the flexibility to enjoy impromptu dance parties with my girls. Or – and this is an important one – it’s something completely and wonderfully different that works just for you and your family.

Only you can define what having it all means. 

And, you have to do so based on your very individual and very personal needs and wants. Each of us needs to stop comparing and trying to fit into others’ ideas of what’s right. Instead, we need to do what’s right for ourselves, our families and our careers.

That’s the point: It’s all up to you.

Through my videos and programs you’ll access practical insights and solutions that will help you define what having it all means to you and find the strategies that will help you create a fulfilling life you – and your family – so very much deserve.

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Professional Bio

I’m a career-conscious mama on the relentless pursuit to feed my professional ambitions with all the love and fun my family offers.

For my whole life, or so it seems, I’ve been busting my b-hind to climb the corporate ladder first in New York City and then in my hometown of Toronto. A marketing and communications professional with 15+ years experience working for some of the world’s biggest companies, I decided after my youngest daughter’s second birthday that I needed a new challenge – something that would stretch me in new and different ways, yet feed my ambitions and passions.

So, I started Jack Communications and most recently began working on my passion project here at LisaDurante.com.