I love mornings.

But, I’m finding it harder to love them these days since the time change a couple of weeks ago and the settling in of the cooler fall weather. It’s not just me – Frank and our girls are feeling the very same way.

No longer able to spring out of bed, we’re getting our days started later. This leaves us with less time to get everyone ready, fed and out the door on time. It also means there’s a lot more frenetic energy bouncing around our house. And, with it, a lot of grumpy faces, quite a bit of under-breath cursing, loads of begging, and a heck of a lot of running – to school and then back home to pick up whatever it is we left behind.

The chaos of the morning seems to last the rest of the day.

I found I was distracted during my work day, I kept forgetting even the most important of things and the girls weren’t able to unwind after their long days (and neither could we).

Finally fed up, I began reading up on what I can do to make our mornings less stressful. But, a lot of the suggestions don’t work for me as a parent.

Meditating and journaling, for example, just can’t be done in the morning – at least not in this house.

So, I decided to reflect on the things we did to make our morning’s work before. Our mornings were never perfect from start to finish, but the good ones always ended with happy hugs that led to more successful days.

Here are the five things that always worked for us. We’ve been doing them once again – not always all of them in the same morning – and our mornings are getting brighter again.

Perhaps picking up two or three of these may help make your mornings a little less frazzled, too.

1. Take a moment to yourself

I’m an introvert, so time alone is critical to my mere existence. Without it, I don’t have the energy to face the day. So, before the girls start clamoring for me, I try to sneak downstairs. Sometimes I exercise using my fitness app, other times, I curl up on the sofa and mindlessly scroll through my Twitter feed.

Lounging in bed, as I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks, isn’t enough for me. I’m still on mommy duty and the girls know it because they always seem to come to my bedside to list their demands for the day.

2. Find a quick win

This is a trick I picked up at work. It starts with finding a task that you can do in the morning – it has to be quick and super easy. And, once you get it done, you will get a small sense of pride knowing that even if you don’t get much else done in your day, you at least got this one thing done. Maybe it’s sitting down for breakfast or maybe it’s working out.

For me, it’s making my bed. A few pulls of the sheet, a fluff of the pillow and I feel like a bone fide adult.

3. Go device free

I already admitted that I scroll through social media in the morning – it’s where I catch up on the news. But once the girls are up, I put the phone down. It’s not social media that’s the problem, it’s email. The moment I check my email, I get sucked into work mode. I start thinking about the things that I have to get done in the day, then I begin replying and shooting off requests of my own all the while barking at the girls to hurry up.

4. Make a connection

We all need a little joy in our lives and making time for it in the morning helps create less stressful mornings for everyone. The days I stop and give each of my girls a private moment – a cuddle in bed, an extra-long hug or a secret to share – they are more cooperative and willing to listen. Those moments are good for me, too, helping me feel less guilty when we finally say goodbye.

5. Dance

Like Ellen DeGeneres says, just dance. Music has the power to transform how we feel. Plus, it can also get even the slowest morning movers moving. So, find a radio station or a playlist that has happy, hoppy songs and get listening.

You may not be able to get all of these done every morning, let alone all in one morning. But, a couple each day may make your mornings a bit brighter.





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