Over the last few weeks, a good number of articles have been popping up in my social media feeds on the different classifications of moms. I had no idea what most of them were and there were some that infuriated me to know the group existed.

There are even quizzes that will let you know if you’re a cool mom, a crunchy mom, a career mom, an elephant mom, a silky mom or any other type of mom.

No matter where you fall on the mom spectrum, the thing we can all use is a little love and a show of support that we’re doing okay. It’s great when that support comes from our partners and our children. But, it’s so much more satisfying when it comes from our fellow mamas. So, as we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day here in North America in a few weeks, I wanted to share a few simple, yet meaningful ways you can support a mom this month.

1. Mentor a mom

Why walk the path alone when there are so many who can keep you company? I have many mentors. Some have been there and done that, many others are my contemporaries who are guiding me through the trials of the day. And, there’s a good group of young moms and women who are showing me new ways of doing and thinking. All inspire and support me.

If you have time to formally mentor a mom, please go for it! If not, don’t fret. Just take a few moments out of your day to speak with a mom, understand her story and see where you can share an experience, quell a fear or make a connection that can serve her well down the road.

2. Lift up a mama

Is there any job as thankless as motherhood? There aren’t quarterly feedback meetings for moms, just as there aren’t annual performance appraisals. You’re rarely told you’re doing a good job, but you are regularly and repeatedly told your food sucks. And, let’s not even get started on the shade thrown to mamas out in public.

So, this month, do a mom a solid and tell her she’s doing a great job. Definitely reach out to the mamas you love, but also reach out to the mama at the grocery store dealing with a tantruming child. Sometimes the greatest gift we can give another is that we see them where they are in that moment.

3. Make a donation

Time, money, used maternity clothes, baby gear, toys, books – all of it will be appreciated by a mom in need. So rifle through your cupboards and closets, and declutter the toy pile to see what lovingly used items you no longer need. Then, find a women’s shelter or other local charity that supports moms in your community and donate your stuff. It’ll feel good, I promise.

4. Help out a single mama

All hail the single mama. If there is a definition of Superwoman it’s her. She does it all, while I complain that I can’t go on even when I have an equal partner to share the load, as well as a babysitter some afternoons.

So, if you know a single mama, offer to babysit for a few hours so she can run an errand or take a yoga class. Bring over a bottle of wine or her favorite coffee drink, and chat. Or, invite her and her babes over for dinner. If you want to take it one step further, you could help her littles make a craft for mommy to open on Mother’s Day.

5. Honor a mama

There are plenty of children – even grown ones – whose mamas aren’t here to receive the crafts they’ve lovingly made or the flowers they wish they could buy. You can’t bring their mama back, but you can celebrate her. Share your favorite memory or remind them of something their mom used to do for them. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, dig up an old picture and frame it for the family or create a photo album. You can also do an activity – perhaps something she would have loved to do with her family like hike a local trail, or you can lead a charity walk in her memory.

Whatever you choose, take time to celebrate moms – your very own, as well as the many others doing their very best every day. And, don’t forget to take time out to enjoy some time for yourself. Be sure to tell us how you wish to celebrate your Mother’s Day? Do you want the day spent with family or perhaps you’d prefer quiet time spent at the spa. Tell us in the comments – we all could use a little inspiration on how best to treat the moms in our lives.

With love,



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