When mothers thrive, companies thrive

We are a boutique consultancy that is dedicated to helping working mothers and progressive companies thrive.

We partner with career-conscious women, directly or through their employers, helping them develop the strategies and skills they need to manage and advance their careers as they become working mothers.

Through our corporate offerings, we guide companies to create inclusive, high-performing teams where everyone can reach their full potential. We do this by equipping leaders and HR with the insights and strategies they need to engage and support employees before and after becoming parents. We also guide companies in retaining and further developing their female talent over the course of their careers, building a strong and diverse pipeline to leadership.

Our tailored, actionable strategies support companies in creating and sustaining an inclusive workplace where working mothers can thrive professionally and personally.


Our training programs are designed with practicality in mind. Our courses deliver the tools needed to strategically manage careers through the transitions of motherhood.


Our library of tools and resources offer women and managers the guidance they need to think through key decisions and achieve important milestones.